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For the safety of his noble family, Dasarata, has exiled his first son Rama from his kingdom. Rama goes into the forest called Dandaka, accompanied by his wife Sita and his younger brother Laksamana.

Rahwana, the King of Alengka desires to marry Sita and asks his minister Marica to find a trick to kidnap Sita while she is in the forest. Rahwana instructs Marica to transfrom himself into a very attractive golden deer in order to trick Sita.

Sita asks Rama to catch the deer and Rama success in killing him. When the deer dies, the corpse transforms back into the giant Marica who mimics the voice of Rama asking Sita to hilp him.

Sita hears the false sound of Marica, and starts to feel worried about her husband Rama, and asks Laksamana to help. Laksamana with his spirit instinct felt that it was not Rama who was calling for help. Sita insists that Laksamana help his brother and finally he leaves.

Rahwana arrives at Sita’s hiding place but could not take her due to Laksamana’s spirit which was protecting her. Rahwana transfroms himself into a priest who prtends… to be sick and in need of help. Sita goes to the priest, who suddenly changes back into the real Rahwana, and abducts her to the island of Alengka ( modern day Sri Lanka ). Meanwhile, Laksamana and Rama have returned to their hiding place to fine Sita missing.

On the way to Alengka, a mighty eagle, Jatayu, intercepts Rahwana and tries to release Sita from Rahwana’s hand. His efforts fail and Jatayu is defeated by Rahwana. Drying, Jatayu returns to Dandaka and tells Rama that Rahwana has kidnapped Sita. Rama cremated Jatayu to set his spirit free.

Rama prepares to battle with Rahwana aided by Hanoman, a very strong white monkey who leads thousands of monkey soldiers. Rama asks Hanoman to search for Sita in Alengka.

Sita is in the palace of Alengka bemoaning her misfortunes. Rahwana continues to press her to marry him, but Sita always refuses. Hanoman arrives at the palace and tells Sita that Rama is coming for her. Before leaving, Hanoman destroys the palace of Alengka.

During the climatic battle, Rama with his monkey soldier allies defeat Rahwana and his giant soldiers. King Rama triumphantly return home as the wise King of Ayodya.

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